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The sound of the Great American Songbook  is art. Like paintings by Rembrandt and Van Gogh, this music has withstood the tests of time. Notable composers such as Cole Porter, the Gershwin brothers, Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart, Johnny Mercer, Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn to name a few, all wrote melodies that Steve Lipman loves to delve into and explore. To Steve, "They're like poetry. They reach deep into the soul and bring out that elemental human emotion that defines exactly who we are. They're beautiful, subtle and caress your thoughts without smacking you in the face. There's nothing finer than making that connection with the audience and communicating that passion to them. When it's all put to jazz, it's that much sweeter!

The Perfect Entertainment For Almost Any Occasion

When you hire Steve Lipman, The Singin' Dentist, you'll be guaranteed a fabulous time that your guests will be speaking about for years to come. Backed by a trio of superbly talented jazz musicians, Steve Lipman will give a memorable performance that will elate your audience and literally bring them to their feet. Not the same old-same old. Your guests will hear classic American Standards all set to new and contemporary jazz arrangements.  Be it a corporate function, cocktail party, fundraising event, holiday gala, you name it, Steve Lipman, The Singin' Dentist and his fine trio of musicians, will be sure to make your next important gathering a success.
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The Singin' Dentist and his Men
Left to Right-Stephen Page, Steve Lipman, Dan Prindle and Bryan Kelly

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Locomotion Records New Release:

Ridin’ The Beat is Steve Lipman’s second release. Despite the fact that his first album, There’s a Song in my Heart, received numerous favorable critics’ reviews, and radio airplay across the globe, Steve will always consider it his proverbial “first”. “Man that was my initial go at it in the studio and I was green as the grass that grows. It was no time for egos; truly I had a lot to learn! Kind of like being in grade school all over again. I was fortunate to be surrounded by a group of superbly talented individuals, notably engineer/producer Rod Warner and arranger/musician Dan Prindle. Both men helped me immeasurably, in finding my soul in this business and honing my craft.”
On Ridin’ The Beat, Steve Lipman, took all that he learned in his first effort and reached for the stars. From its inception, Steve desired an album in the truest sense. Instead of simply laying down a string of unrelated and disconnected tracks so common in many of today’s pop projects, Steve Lipman wanted Ridin’ The Beat to be different. He wanted Ridin’ The Beat to have a soul. It needed to communicate that elemental human essence, the inner drive and emotions that define exactly who we are. It needed to be subtle and caress the thoughts, to allow each listener to creatively extract a personal understanding.
To achieve this goal, Steve carefully selected each great American classic. Notable composers including Harold Arlen, George Gershwin, Johnny Mercer, Richard Rogers, Lorenzo Hart and Cole Porter, are represented here. Through the strong arrangements by Dan Prindle, and the terrific jazz talent of Stephen Page, Josh Evans, Bryan Kelly, Doug Lang and Rene Gonzalez, the music becomes alive and contemporary. It gives Lipman something truly special to sink his teeth into. Yes, some of these tunes ring comfortably familiar, yet others awaken the listener to something truly unique and groundbreaking. All of this, combined with the musical genius of producer and engineer Rod Warner, makes Ridin’ The Beat truly a fulfillment of Steve Lipman’s goal. Without a doubt, Ridin’ The Beat has a soul, it’s a tale all so human, filled with a comfortable familiarity.
So go ahead, pour yourself something nice. Imagine yourself seated in some swank jazz club, the anticipation growing as the show is about to start. The lights dim and they take the stage as a hush encompasses the room. Now you’re ready. Sit back and enjoy,  Ridin’ The Beat!

REVIEW!!! BY Geannine Reid

Steve Lipman: Ridin' the Beat (2012)

By Published: November 24, 2012
Steve Lipman: Ridin' the Beat

Steve Lipman, known for his Frank Sinatra-ish voice and double life as a dentist, has brought the crooner persona to life with classy arrangements, slick playing and a voice befitting some well-known selections. Ridin' The Beat is Lipman's follow-up to There's a Song in My Heart (Self Produced, 2011).

One might say that Lipman found a "cavity" in the molar of modern life and it had to be filled with song. The filling is comprised of many of the notable composers of the great American song book: Harold Arlen, George Gershwin, Johnny Mercer, Richard Rogers, Lorenzo Hart and Cole Porter. Lipman received assistance from bassist Dan Prindle in crafting interesting arrangements that fit the singer's voice and vision. Inevitability, Ridin' The Beat has a soul; it's a tale all so human, filled with a comfortable familiarity of the great blue eyed one.

Lipman's vocal style is straight and to the point; there's no fooling around. There is no horse play with the melodies, like throwing in runs and glorious sustained notes everywhere—well, except for the ending; Lipman's singing emphasizes the song and its melodic line. "It's Alright With Me" is given a rumbling piano intro that builds to a steady samba beat framing the song. Lipman clearly sings the well-known melody, while trumpeter Josh Evans adds fills and ultimately leads to a nice trumpet solo with Lipman taking the bridge out. Throughout the selection drummer Bryan Kelly and percussionist Rod Warner do a nice job of defining the beat for the ride.

"Oh Look At Me Now," "The Song Is You," "Old Devil Moon," "That Old Black Magic," and "Come Rain or Come Shine" have been beatin' the ear drums for years, but that's ok. These are great songs and just a few twists and turns are all that is needed to command attention. Lipman has also chosen a few selections that might not have been heard in a while. "Summer Wind" is given a relaxed 2/4 feel, with Doug Lang playing both saxophone and flute at the beginning, and later settling on sax for fills under Lipman's rendition of the melody, and a solo.

Riding the Beat' is fun and upbeat and reminiscent of an era when swing was king. Lipman portrays this era with authenticity and verve.

Track Listing: Oh Look At Me Now, The Song Is You, It’s Alright With Me, Summer Wind, Moonlight in Vermont, Old Devil Moon, Teach Me Tonight, That Old Black Magic, Come Rain or Come Shine, The Gal That Got Away, I Wish I Were in Love Again, Birth of the Blues.

Personnel: Steve Lipman: vocals; Dan Prindle: bass; Bryan Kelly: drums; Stephan Page: piano; Josh Evans: trumpet; Doug Lang: saxophone, clarinet, flute; Rene Gonzalez: percussion; Rod Warner: percussion.

Record Label: Locomotion Records


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Steve Lipman: Ridin' The Beat

Year: 2012

Style: Jazz Vocal

Label: Locomotion Records

Musicians: Steve Lipman - vocals; Dan Prindle - bass; Bryan Kelly - drums; Stephan Page - piano; Josh Evans - trumpet; Doug Lang - saxophone, clarinet, flute; Rene Gonzalez, Rod Warner - percussion.

Steve Lipman sings like a man that's having a real good time; is accustomed to good times; and is not reluctant about sharing his largesse. He also knows how to pick really good songs to sing, and on his new CD: Ridin' The Beat, he lines up a string of winners, and belts them out with enough enthusiasm, verve, and joie de vivre to ignite a four-alarmer. There is a captivating, Johnny Mercer-like appeal to his voice, augmented by a rich Tex Beneke vocal curl that embroiders the ends of his phrases, and indelibly stamps him as, 'one of a kind.' All told, he's a man with 'a voice,' and a good band that's got a good beat.

From his rich repertoire he unveils a dozen popular songs, and standards from the cream of the composers and lyricists populating the American songbook; Joe Buskin & John DeVries, Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein, Cole Porter, Heinz Meier & Johnny Mercer, John Blackburn & Karl Suessdorf, Burton Lane & E. Y. Harburg, Gene DePaul & Sammy Kahn, Harold Arlen & Johnny Mercer, Harold Arlen & Ira Gershwin, Rogers & Hart, Ray Anderson & Buddy DeSylva.

Lipman and the band get every body's attention by opening the date with a swinging reading of Joe Buskin & John DeVries 1941 hit (Oh Look At Me Now) featuring Doug Lang's eye-opening saxophone accompaniment. Passion is another quality that inhabits Lipman's singing style, and he puts lots of it together with nice solo work from trumpeter Josh Evans, and a cookin' rhythm section for Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein's (The Song Is You).

L - R: Stephan Page, piano;
Steve Lipman, vocals;
Dan Prindle, bass;
Bryan Kelly, drums.
Lipman finds the perfect accelerant for that four-alarm fire with the introduction of the percussive mastery of Rene Gonzalez and Rod Warner to ride Cole Porter's classic (It's Alright With Me) into the winner's circle as his most energetic and memorable song on the CD. Very often when a vocalist possesses fluid power and vocal presence, as does Lipman, stepping back and coaxing a song down to that cool, emotional temperature inherent in the lyric might take obvious effort, but Lipman effects this with wonderful versatility and uncomplicated professional restraint in a triptych performance of Heinz Meier & Johnny Mercer's airy, carefree, (Summer Wind), the John Blackburn/Karl Suessdorf evergreen (Moonlight In Vermont), and Burton Lane & E. Y. Harburg's not often heard (Old Devil Moon) bathing each song in convincing honesty and warmth, indicative of deep respect for the songwriters' requirements and original intentions.

Lipman is a performer capable of very pleasant surprises, and he unleashes an especially gripping episode in Harold Arlen & Johnny Mercer's (Come Rain Or Come Shine) that begins with a stark, film-noir introduction straight out of Josh Evan's muted trumpet, Doug Lang's foreboding saxophone and the funereal tempo doled out by Stephan Page's piano, while Lipman's voice reigns above them all like a leading man that must survive through to the end of the movie. Lipman's surprises come in other ways: his interpretive imagination simply gets more fertile as he gets deeper into the date, notably on Harold Arlen & Ira Gershwin's 1953 popular song (The Gal That Got Away), and his Broadway style belting of the Rogers & Hart show tune (I Wish I Were In Love Again), bringing back memories of the late singer Robert Goulet.

Lipman and the band picked the perfect swinger for their exit, Ray Henderson & Buddy DeSylva's uptempo blues special (Birth Of The Blues), true to the spirit of the lyric, they 'nursed it,' 'rehearsed it,' 'rode the beat out' and gave out the 'news' that this was a very enjoyable date, and one well worth listening to.

Track Listing: Oh Look At Me Now; The Song Is You; It's Alright With Me; Summer Wind; Moonlight In Vermont; Old Devil Moon; Teach Me Tonight; That Old Black Magic; Come Rain Or Come Shine; The Gal That Got Away; I Wish I Were In Love Again; Birth Of The Blues.

Co-produced and arranged by Dan Prindle.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Rod Warner at The Green Olive Lounge Recording Studio, Coventry, CT.

REVIEW!! By Brent Black
AUGUST 21, 2012

Steve Lipman Ridin' The Beat Locomotion Records 2012

When it comes to mult-tasking, no one beats a musician. Gene Autry took a radio and television career as a spring board to becoming perhaps the second most influential figure in country music next to Jimmy Rodgers. Michael Pedicin at 64 years young has a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology while maintaining his status as a premier straight ahead solo artist and ace session player.

So why not a singing dentist?

Vocalist Steve Lipman has a distinct passion much like those previously mentioned. Lipman's passion is The Great American Songbook. The subtly of timeless classics where the music transcends the emotional boundaries of daily life and takes the listener on a journey. Lipman describes his connection to this genre as one of human connectivity with another individual. Much in the same fashion as helping a patient in distress there is a similar sense of satisfaction or musical "high" that comes from the creativity of song.

Steve Lipman is an old school throwback and while he owns a successful dental practise, music is his dream and his passion. With classics such as "Teach Me Tonight" and "That Old Black Magic" Lipman finds a musical happy place some where between crooner and cabaret singer while letting the songs take care of themselves. Fueled by passion, Lipman is surrounded with some gifted musicians that blend well for a unique interpretation of standards that avoids the mundane or predictable. Lipman hand picked these tunes and while some are iconic there are others that are wonderful forgotten memories from composers ranging from Harold Arlen to Johnny Mercer.

Lipman's gift is his passionate interpretation and immediate connectivity with the audience or listener to allow them the chance to experience the same emotional highs and lows we all feel and are saved forever in these classics.

Old school vocal jazz fans tired of the more commercial fare that is circling the sonic drain that is currently part of the industry should flock to this release. Pure entertainment. Style and substance is a rare mix but Lipman pulls it off with relative ease.

Tracks: Oh Look At Me Now; The Song Is You ; It's Alright With Me; Summer Wind; Moonlight In Vermont; Old Devil Moon; Teach Me Tonight; That Old Black Magic; Come Rain Or Come Shine; The Gal That Got Away; I Wish I Were In Love Again; Birth Of The Blues.

Personnel: Steve Lipman: vocals; Dan Prindle: bass; Bryan Kelly: drums; Stephan Page: piano; Josh Evans: trumpet; Doug Lang: saxophone, clarinet, flute; Rene Gonzalez: percussion; Rod Warner: percussion. 

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